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It’s just natural variation – isn’t it?

Norsk What happens now, is no climate variation, it is a real climate change.  The solar forcing – the insolation – has not increased the last forty years. There is no special warming Milankovich effect like we had in the … Continue reading

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The sustainable society of 2040

Norsk Visitors are surprised that our cities and towns of 2040 are so compact, charming, clean, safe and esthetically appealing. The surrounding forests and fields are lush, healthy and teaming with different species.   The towns and cities lucky enough to … Continue reading

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The carbon mafia and climate “sceptics”

“Every year we pump more than six billion tonnes of carbon emissions (corresponding to over 35 billion tonnes CO2)  into the air from burning fossil fuel, despite a general consensus that this pollutes the air and contributes directly to climate … Continue reading

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