Lofoten 2019

Lofoten is an “arm” of islands protruding out into the North Atlantic from Northern Norway. The nature is spectacular. However, exponential increase in tourism is a challenge. The new national park at the tip of Lofoten may have to enforce strict rules.

 LC&T had a conference at Ramberg in Lofoten. 

Annual Meeting of LT&C and workshop in 2019 will be in Ramberg, aside the new national park on the Lofoten

  • Linking Tourism and Conservation (LT&C) is a  network designed for replication of best practices and examples of sustainable tourism. It supports the establishment and management of national parks and other types of protected areas. LT&C works with individuals, businesses, and governments to strengthen the benefits of both sustainable tourism, area protection and management.

There is no doubt that the tourism footprint on Lofoten is increasing. There is no need for marketing. Tourist visits to Lofoten for the time being increase 300% from one year to the next. Flights, cars, buses, garbage, toilet facilities, plastic, wear and tear on nature, endless queues of caravans on narrow roads and pollution are severe challenges.

Pictures are taken en route from Evenes via Henningsvær and Nusfjord to Ramberg. Several pictures are from the dramatic walk / climbing to Kvalvika. The final pictures are from Bjerkvik /Narvik.

For Matthieu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN25VUIIvq0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIZ1TdltOJ8

Photos by Sven Åke Bjørke. You may copy them as long as you give a link to this page and give credit to the photographer