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A green eco economy needed    Global warming and climate change are symptoms of the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems. We might be able to solve the problems of global warming in time – if we are … Continue reading

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Indignez-vous – get outraged!

The grand old diplomat Stephan Hessel tells us to get outraged. See interview Here is the original text:  Indignez-vous – Stephan Hessel Yes – we should be outraged. Unethical, superbig multinational capital based on the neoliberal philosophy attacks democracy, environment, … Continue reading

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The carbon mafia and climate “sceptics”

“Every year we pump more than six billion tonnes of carbon emissions (corresponding to over 35 billion tonnes CO2)  into the air from burning fossil fuel, despite a general consensus that this pollutes the air and contributes directly to climate … Continue reading

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Lake Chilwa

Lake Chilwa – can it disappear? Lake Chilwa is a Ramsar lake in Malawi. Beautiful, with plenty of different birds, migratory species included. Lake Chilwa is in danger. Global warming, deforestation with siltation and pollution from agriculture are parts of a … Continue reading

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