A green eco economy needed 
Global warming and climate change are symptoms of the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources and ecosystems.

We might be able to solve the problems of global warming in time – if we are lucky – or “saved” by global cooling from a super volcano eruption. The depletion of the Earth’s ecosystems are maybe even more serious than global warming.

We need a new “green” economy that considers the health and resilience of the ecosystems.

Young people have all the reason to be upset at the current generation in power. We may have succeeded to some extent in making efficient production systems and increased consumption. But we have failed when we consider resilient and robust ecosystems, secure livelihoods, local social cohesion, fair distribution of wealth and a secure future. Continuing the current global economic system is simply a betrayal of our future generations.

See the video Get it done!

If you want to learn more about “Eco-economy” or an “economy for a sustainable future”, please take a look at my background article on the topic. See the “Page” called “Eco economy” under “Climate change”. or go directly to:


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