Sri Lanka

 Pictures from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been a war-torn country for many years. It was hard hit by the tsunami in 2004.
But it is a green and fertile country with a strategic position in the Indian ocean.

Our university has cooperated with the University of Ruhuna at Matare for several years, and every year several of our students spend a month or more studying various aspects of the “emerald island”.

The island can boast of friendly people, animals, birds, a long history, fantastic beaches, tea, cinnamon, jackfruit, cashewnuts, pineaple, papaya, great food….

Here is a photo gallery from Sri Lanka.


Ancient mountain wall paintings Sigiria

Photos: Åke Bjørke
You are free to copy these photos for private or educational use as long as you give credit to the photographer.
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  1. Nelum says:

    These photoes are very nice. I enjoyed looking the photo gallery.

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  2. misanyad says:

    These are very interesting pics to see

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