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The “Climate change deceit” conspiracy theory

During the last forty years the Arab- American carbon barons; Western multibillionaires, Russian and Middle East petro tyrants and extreme islamists have lived high on oil profits. They invest massively in propaganda to delay political action and mislead the public. You … Continue reading

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Natural disasters – Acts of God or human culpability?

by Sven Åke Bjørke, Nov 2017   Natural Disasters – Acts of God or Human Culpability? Can politicians – our custodians –  and leaders of big fossil fuel companies – become personally responsible for damages that occur due to their negligence? … Continue reading

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Online lecturing – an appropriate learning tool in online education?

by Sven Åke Bjørke Universities traditionally educate less than ten percent of the population. The target group of students used to be an elite of the most academically gifted. They have as a rule been able to take care of … Continue reading

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