Chilwa photos

Lake Chilwa – an ecologically important lake in Malawi

A sausage tree near Lake Chilwa

More than a million people depend on the lake

The lake is drying out. There is an increased siltation due to deforestation and heavier precipitation
in the nearby mountains. Global warming and climate change gives longer periods of draught and
heavy precipitation when rain comes

Lake Chilwa is an important sanctuary for local and migratory birds. That is the reason for being
a part of the Ramsar convention


Several thousand persons depend on Lake Chilwa

Lake Chilwa

Photos: Åke Bjørke (2011).
You are free to copy these photos for private or educational use as long as you give credit to the photographer.
Please contact me if you want to use photos for commercial purposes or if you want to use it in a printed publication
sven.a.bjorke at

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