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Dismantle the oil age

Norsk For more than a hundred years, industrial and modern development has been dependent on fossil fuels. The oil age was given extra momentum after the oil crisis in 1972, and has given a country like Norway an economy people … Continue reading

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Oljealderen må avvikles

English I over hundre år har vår industrielle og moderne utvikling vært avhengig av fossil energi. Oljealderen fikk ekstra fart etter oljekrisen i 1972, og har gitt Norge en økonomi vi ikke kunne drømme om for 50 år siden. Dessverre … Continue reading

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Building the Future: Hotels Change Policies for Eco-Travel Initiatives

Business is going green. Here is an article on sustainable tourism. There are some big changes in the travel industry’s attitudes towards eco-friendly and socially aware practices. While it used to be hard to find a hotel that used recycled … Continue reading

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