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Leap into the future! Detrump!

By Sven Åke Bjørke 26 January 2018                                                        What is neo-liberalism, trumpism, and how do … Continue reading

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What if Norwegian oil economy is a bubble?

Norsk Two hundred and fifty thousand Norwegian jobs depend on oil [1]. These jobs are expensive; require high skills and pressure salary levels in general. For small countries like Norway this many oil jobs might be a recipe for financial disaster. … Continue reading

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Dismantle the oil age

Norsk For more than a hundred years, industrial and modern development has been dependent on fossil fuels. The oil age was given extra momentum after the oil crisis in 1972, and has given a country like Norway an economy people … Continue reading

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Oljealderen må avvikles

English I over hundre år har vår industrielle og moderne utvikling vært avhengig av fossil energi. Oljealderen fikk ekstra fart etter oljekrisen i 1972, og har gitt Norge en økonomi vi ikke kunne drømme om for 50 år siden. Dessverre … Continue reading

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The sustainable society of 2040

Norsk Visitors are surprised that our cities and towns of 2040 are so compact, charming, clean, safe and esthetically appealing. The surrounding forests and fields are lush, healthy and teaming with different species.   The towns and cities lucky enough to … Continue reading

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