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Dismantle the oil age

Norsk For more than a hundred years, industrial and modern development has been dependent on fossil fuels. The oil age was given extra momentum after the oil crisis in 1972, and has given a country like Norway an economy people … Continue reading

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Vinteren har vært kald. Oppvarming avlyst?

English En av mytene media liker å terpe på er at global oppvarming skulle innebære  varmere og finere vær. Vi skal snart kunne dyrke druer i Nord-Sibir. I virkeligheten sier IPCC at været blir mer uforutsigelig med tyngre nedbør enn normalt flere … Continue reading

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Out of fossil fuels now!

Norsk For the last two hundred years fossil fuels have been the basis for industrialization and development of our modern civilization. Fossil energy has been absolutely necessary to get us where we are today. However, our civilization must grow up. … Continue reading

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Cocksure statements on climate change?

Norsk Now and then you might hear that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) only gives cocksure statements and therefore is unscientific. The IPCC issues statements on a plethora of issues, so it is often difficult to know what … Continue reading

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Climate change in facts and figures

Norsk 90 – 100 million barrels of oil every day In addition roughly the same amount in coal and gas. We humans burn between 95 and 100 million barrels of oil every day. One barrel of oil equals 159 litres, … Continue reading

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In doubt?

(Norsk) In doubt about global warming and human-induced climate change? Please ask yourself some questions: 1. Do you think smoke from the burning of coal, diesel or gasoline pollutes the air? Yes …… No. ….. (If “No”, you can stop … Continue reading

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It’s the volcanoes – or is it?

Norsk One of the myths that the fossil fuel industry tries to maintain is that volcanic activity contributes to the greenhouse effect. The facts are that there is very little carbon present in magma. (Look up magma in any encyclopedia!) … Continue reading

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