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What if Norwegian oil economy is a bubble?

Norsk Two hundred and fifty thousand Norwegian jobs depend on oil [1]. These jobs are expensive; require high skills and pressure salary levels in general. For small countries like Norway this many oil jobs might be a recipe for financial disaster. … Continue reading

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Dismantle the oil age

Norsk For more than a hundred years, industrial and modern development has been dependent on fossil fuels. The oil age was given extra momentum after the oil crisis in 1972, and has given a country like Norway an economy people … Continue reading

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Klimaendringene i tall og fakta

 English Over 95 millioner fat olje brukes opp hver dag I tillegg kommer omtrent den samme mengden i kull og gass. Vi mennesker brenner opp mellom 85 og 100 millioner fat olje hver dag. Ett fat olje tilsvarer 159 liter, … Continue reading

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The carbon mafia and climate “sceptics”

“Every year we pump more than six billion tonnes of carbon emissions (corresponding to over 35 billion tonnes CO2)  into the air from burning fossil fuel, despite a general consensus that this pollutes the air and contributes directly to climate … Continue reading

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