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Leap into the future! Detrump!

By Sven Åke Bjørke 26 January 2018                                                        What is neo-liberalism, trumpism, and how do … Continue reading

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Climate research vs myths

Norsk How to distinguish myths from realities, science from mere assumptions, conspiracy theories and propaganda? Serious research has an important tool: peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals. This involves an editorial committee and at least two experts in the field … Continue reading

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Over to renewables – now!

Norsk Who benefits from a continuation of the oil age? Who is willing to risk our children’s and grandchildren’s future for short-term profit? Who opposes a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy? Is anthropogenic global warming and war … Continue reading

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Make this year a climate year!

Norsk The fossil fuel era can be dismantled within less than two decades. Three measures: All subsidies and special tax deals for the fossil fuel industry are removed globally.  The International Monetary Fund  (IMF) should get full support on this point. The IMF … Continue reading

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What if Norwegian oil economy is a bubble?

Norsk Two hundred and fifty thousand Norwegian jobs depend on oil [1]. These jobs are expensive; require high skills and pressure salary levels in general. For small countries like Norway this many oil jobs might be a recipe for financial disaster. … Continue reading

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Klimaendringene i tall og fakta

 English Over 95 millioner fat olje brukes opp hver dag I tillegg kommer omtrent den samme mengden i kull og gass. Vi mennesker brenner opp mellom 85 og 100 millioner fat olje hver dag. Ett fat olje tilsvarer 159 liter, … Continue reading

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Climate change in facts and figures

Norsk 90 – 100 million barrels of oil every day In addition roughly the same amount in coal and gas. We humans burn between 95 and 100 million barrels of oil every day. One barrel of oil equals 159 litres, … Continue reading

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