Leap into the future! Detrump!


By Sven Åke Bjørke 26 January 2018                                                       

What is neo-liberalism, trumpism, and how do we detrump?

Do you know what neo-liberalism is? It is an ideology with which we all have been indoctrinated for the last generation. Most of us don’t even realize it is an ideology, and are unable to define it. 

“It has played a major role in a remarkable variety of crises: the financial meltdown of 2007‑8, the offshoring of wealth and power, of which the Panama Papers offer us merely a glimpse, the slow collapse of public health and education, resurgent child poverty, the epidemic of loneliness, the collapse of ecosystems, the rise of Donald Trump.”” Neoliberalism sees competition as the defining characteristic of human relations. It redefines citizens as consumers, whose democratic choices are best exercised by buying and selling” Monbiot, The Guardian, 2016


Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek, two Austrians, originally defined the ideology of neo-liberalism. They perceived social democracy as collectivism, and as being a kind of communism destroying individualism and leading to totalitarianism. In 1947 Hayek founded an organization that would spread the doctrine of neoliberalism – the Mont Pelerin Society. It was immediately supported by conservative multimillionaires from various countries. The Mont Pelerin members formed a transatlantic network of very rich people, journalists and academics, in turn founding a series of neo-liberal “think tanks” in reality propaganda centers – like  the American Enterprise Institutethe Heritage Foundationthe Cato Institutethe Institute of Economic Affairsthe Centre for Policy Studies, Heartland institute  and the Adam Smith Institute.

Hayek originally meant that governments should regulate competition to prevent the development of monopolies. One of Hayek’s more important apostles, Milton Friedman and his “Chicago boys”, disagreed, claiming that monopoly power is a reward for efficiency. Hayek later agreed. The old-fashioned liberalism wants free enterprise and fair competition and sees monopolies as a serious problem for a free market. The liberal states thus have laws against cartels and monopolies, and often even criminalize efforts in that direction.

Neo-liberalism in a nutshell

Neo-liberalism in a nutshell, is simple: Let the markets rule. Remove everything that restricts the big corporations. Big corporations are big because they are efficient (In contrast to public services). Governments and other institutions that make rules and laws restrict the big corporations and should be dismantled or minimized. All public assets and activities should be privatized. If people do not want to pay for it, it is not worth having.

Products and services many are accustomed to get in a welfare state, you have to pay for in the neoliberal state: health services, education, roads, bridges, clean water,  the judiciary, police protection etc. Everything in the neo-liberal state is owned by private individuals or corporations, and if you want access, you must pay. Tolls for using a road or a bridge or a tunnel are of course on private hands. If you vote for a neo-liberal party, you vote for more tolls, more privatization of schools and health services. It may be a little less tax, at least for the richest.

For neo-liberalists, state and public services are of the evil, and must be done away with. The people with capital decide.  Everyone else and everything else is disposable.

Local communities should compete in attracting big corporations and compete for the few jobs available. Globalization means that if a product or a job is cheaper elsewhere, it must be outsourced. There is no local social contract between a corporation and a community. According to Margareth Thatcher “there is no such thing as society”.

This system was first tried out in Chile in 1973 during the US supported military coup, where the elected president Allende was murdered together with thousands of other victims. Milton Friedman, Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon were some of the powerful people supporting the junta led by colonel Pinochet. Neo-liberalism was subsequently forced on the world through union busting, coup d’états, by exploiting natural disasters and wars. Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Boris Yeltsin and Deng Xiaoping were the most prominent politicians promoting the ideology into practice.

Their slogan was: “There is no alternative.”

The ideology has possibly had some positive effects and “lifted” millions of people in e.g. China out of misery by moving polluting commodity production from the West to Asia

China opened up for multinational corporations in the 1990s, when the “market-leninism” was introduced. Shenyang 1997. Photo: Å. Bjørke

However, the negative impacts have now accumulated, with the rise of oligarchies, plutocracies, increasing inequality, raw exploitation of the poor, increasing frequency of financial crises, pollution, man-made global warming and depletion of ecosystems.

Highmoon’s Cartoon Gallery


Donald Trump represents neo-liberalism in its extreme forms. The goal of the Trump government seems to be a curious mix of Enron corporation practices, Ku Klux Klan redneck beliefs combined with the ideology  of the extremist Islamist regime in Saudi Arabia, Fossil fuel lobbies’ propaganda and Russia’s KGB/FSB surveillance community. Expressed in a nutshell, the Trumpism story can be summarized in these points:

  1. Markets rule and Greed is good. Money is what matters in life
  2. Climate change is a Chinese hoax and an international, well-orchestrated conspiracy theory. More CO2 is good for the planet!
  3. Nature is unlimited and there to pillage and pollute. It is hubris to even think that we small human beings have in our power to harm the big nature in any way
  4. White men are better. Non-white immigrants are the root cause of most problems
  5. Vulnerable and poor deserve their fate
  6. The 1% RICH deserves their golden towers
  7. Anything public or commonly held is sinister and should be attacked. The rich have a right to steal or pay symbolic sums for anything owned in common. Decimate the public sphere and public interests!
  8. International law, conventions, laws, regulations and justice are for the losers.
  9. Fear: We are surrounded by danger and should only look after our own. Universal human rights are rubbish. The ultimate test for the free nations, is the right for insane youngsters to own military grade assault guns
  10. Females’ genitals are there for the grabbing
  11. Be rude! Be a bully! Be a racist! Be a plutocrat! Be a xenophobe! Be a sexist! Be a narcissist! Hate minorities! Be ruthless! Split and rule! Polarize! Win at any cost! Don’t care! Honk and drive!
  12. Steal, deceive, lie, deny!
  13. The winner takes it all. I win when you get screwed
  14. Big corporations are always right, especially if they are Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Armaments, Big Sugar and Big Tobacco. Corporations are defined as humans and have the same rights. Monopoly is a reward for efficiency
  15. Science is bullshit. Never question your own level of understanding. Never question reliability, origin or validity of your sources. Go for the easy, superficial views. Refuse to build understanding and insight. Always be cocksure when presenting your conspiracy theories and your grand thoughts, while you accuse all others, in particular serious scientists and journalists of being cocksure and just produce fake news. “Dumb ’em down!”. Minimize or remove investments in schools and teachers. Stop teaching science.
  16. Pay thousands of “think tanks”, PR-institutes and “trolls” to deceive, confuse and spread doubt and paralysis. Merchants of doubt are heroes. Ensure that independent scientific advice is systematically sidelined. Appoint incompetent persons with conflict of interest to scientific top positions. Undermine protections from hazards at work and home (hazards are just conspiracy theories). Reduce public access to reliable and valid information.
  17. Let one determined and effective man decide. Centralize all power in society to a handful of efficient men! Democracy is superfluous. Nations should be run like corporations
  18. The quality and security of any society increase with the number of privately owned assault guns, private security companies and surveillance, privatized schools, health care and prisons; profits for the owners increase with the number of incarcerated. They are paid for by the taxpayers, and the system provides access to slave labor in addition. A win-win for the very rich.
  19. Happiness is reckless, endlessly growing consumption of stuff. Mountains of garbage, poisonous water and polluted air and soils are signs of wealth.Maximum extraction, endless grabbing and disposing of people, stuff and the planet. Multibillionaires can migrate to Mars if our planet becomes uninhabitable.
  20. Through disasters, wars, deceptions and shocks; make people accept public austerity, militarized police and fight each other for scraps.  Creation of high security «green zones» for billionaires, «red zones» for the rest. This has been successfully established in Bagdad, Kabul and elsewhere.
  21. Unions and workers’ rights are evil
  22. Disasters, genocide and wars are useful tools
  23. You are alone in this world, in competition with everybody. Unless you are a millionaire, or very lucky, you are screwed, and deserve it.
  24. Keep the richest of the world well organized and connected, keep all others divided and in competition with each other. Support extreme fundamentalist religious groups. They are experts in creating conflicts and fear.
  25. This ideology is God’s wish, as expressed in Matthew: The one who has much shall gain more, the one with little shall lose even the little he has. This political ideology will prevail worldwide, because there is no alternative. Any critical voice is fake news.

The other story: The Leap

The neoliberal era has had its time. It is claimed that it has been “useful” as pure liberalism, a negative freedom from something (royal power, nobility, centralized state power), but it is now time to say goodbye to an ideology that is getting more and more obsolete, creating more harm than good.

“Economic powers continue to justify the current global system where priority tends to be given to speculation and the pursuit of financial gain, which fail to take the context into account, let alone the effects on human dignity and the natural environment. Here we see how environmental deterioration and human and ethical degradation are closely linked. Many people will deny doing anything wrong because distractions constantly dull our consciousness of just how limited and finite our world really is. As a result, “whatever is fragile, like the environment, is defenceless before the interests of a deified market, which become the only rule” (Pope Francis, 2015)

Trumpism is a form of radicalized, far-right extremism, extremely dangerous and contagious.  Detrumping our societies implies that we define what we really want, the opposite of the trump-society.
The rapid depletion of the world’s ecosystems, extinction of species, global warming and accelerating inequalities indicate that just saying No, and take some microscopic steps in the right direction, is not enough.

The notoriously poor governments and the necessity of austerity is a myth created by the multibillionaires.

Hidden under the neo-liberal rhetorical smokescreen of freedom and the free market, the real agenda lies: how to build a world-wide exploitation system where all sectors of society gather to centralize ever more power and accumulate ever more resources in the hands of the 0.1% richest men in the world.

The world is rich. But priority has been given to tax cuts and special privileges for the rich, taking from everybody else. The 1% can no longer be given priority.

Detrump and Leap!

The Leap can be summarized in the following points:

  1. Governments must base their decisions on honestly made judgements supported by evidence. Any government must be responsible, accountable, predictable and transparent.
  2. Economic activities cannot be harmful to our ecosystems or the prosperity of future generations
  3. Public services are beneficial. Appropriate and efficient common infrastructures, waste management and public transport are too important to hand over to the whims of private businesses. Approximate free health and dental care for all
  4. Progressive carbon tax on all fossil energy. Abolish fossil fuel subsidies and other kinds of support to fossil energy. Divest! Get out of your addiction to fossil energy as quickly as possible. Devise and promote new green technologies and ensure massive adoption of renewable energy sources. Prioritize non-fossil fuel jobs;
  5. Energy democracy: 100% renewable energy produced and owned by local communities within the next 30 years
  6. Our political systems must be fully representative, all have a vote, and every vote counts. The outcomes cannot be bought or manipulated.
  7. Guaranteed universal, minimum or basic income for all legal citizens. All other social support systems and public benefits with associated bureaucracy, control entities and meaningless  (“bullshit”) jobs and courses are removed.
  8. Free education for all. Education must be of high quality. It should be a joyful, motivating process, where collaboration, creativity, research, critical information literacy, discovery and real competence are highly valued. Lifelong learning must be encouraged.
  9. Fertility rates must be further reduced by ensuring that women and men have access to education and voluntary family-planning services. Increase outdoor nature education for children, as well as the overall engagement of society in the appreciation of nature;
  10. Priority given to investments in sectors that improve quality of life, creating more caring societies.  Important values are: Generosity, hospitality, warmth, decency, empathy, wisdom
  11. Establish and develop well-funded and well-managed reserves for a significant proportion of the world’s terrestrial, marine, freshwater, and aerial habitats
  12. Prioritize public transport that runs on renewable energy! Pay CO2 compensation when you fly! Reduce your use of plastic. All plastics to be either biodegradable or banned. Reduce your ecological footprint! Promote dietary shifts towards mostly plant-based foods
  13. Abolish tax havens. Prosecute tax evaders who steal from all of us
  14. Our commons are strictly regulated. Individuals have no right to exploit, foul or destroy what is owned by the community
  15. No tax on labor. Tax on consumption, property, financial transactions, fortunes, land and use of commons such as air, water, soil, minerals and other raw material and anything that depletes our ecosystems
  16. All human beings are equal for the law. Justice for all must prevail. Corporations cannot have human rights.
  17. The subsidiary principle prevails: all decisions are taken at the most appropriate, lowest levels. Power is democratized and decentralized. Democracy means participation and being connected. Everyone must have equal access to relevant information needed for meaningful democratic choices
  18. Demilitarize police, cut military expenses, cut arms production, close all military bases and minimize or stop arms exports. Move resources to peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution through research, education, journalism and practical implementation and to measures that promote social security for all
  19. Ecologically responsible and regenerative agricultural systems
  20. Genuine corporate social and environment responsibility. Environment and society before profit. Economic externalities must be internalized: Negative environmental and social side-effects of production and products are the responsibility of the producer, not the public
  21. When you take, take care and give back
  22. Value everyone, not just the very rich with ”correct” skin color.
  23. Stop siloizing knowledge. A more holistic perspectives!
  24. Stop fighting each other. Organize in global, collaborating networks.
  25. No more small steps. Leap! Organize LEAP groups!

Thanks to the following for good advice and tips:

Gibran Alberto Cruz Martinez, Dagfinn Haavik, Kari Tuseth, Jan Bjørke,  the Wednesday club in Arendal.  Jo Davis


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Can We Stop Pretending to Take Libertarians Seriously, Now?

The oligarchy’s rule of law: From Boris Yeltsin’s Russia to Oklahoma http://exiledonline.com/the-oligarchys-rule-of-law-from-boris-yeltsin%E2%80%99s-russia-to-aubrey-mcclendon%E2%80%99s-oklahoma/

Rutland (2012) Neoliberalism and the Russian transition http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09692290.2012.727844

Billington (1992): The real crimes of China’s ZhaoZiyang http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1992/eirv19n07-19920214/eirv19n07-19920214_022-the_real_crimes_of_chinas_zhao_z.pdf

Do not be fooled! Follow the money trail!

Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich by Chrystia Freeland – review (Guardian 2013) https://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/oct/08/plutocrats-rise-new-global-super-rich-review

Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else  https://www.amazon.com/Plutocrats-Rise-Global-Super-Rich-Everyone/dp/0143124064


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3 Responses to Leap into the future! Detrump!

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  2. Dr Bob Rich says:

    Sven, thank you for a thoughtful and accurate, well-researched essay. There is one thing missing: how do we go from here to there, given all the power of the global suicide merchants?


    • svenaake says:

      Bob – this is the tricky part, isn’t it. We have to change some important narratives. The very rich are so well organised, and they have the money to pay the PR institutes to repeat the main narratives as much as they like. You are doing a good job in making alternative narratives. We “just” need many more to join. I actually think that the Donald is a good tool to use. He is an embarrassment to all conscious people in the western culture. He gives us a mirror to take a good look at ourselves.. This is the prototypical western man! Or is it? If we don’t want to be portrayed as the Donald, we have to do something about it. There is no ready recipe. The “Leap” is actually a leap into something not quite known. A point to make in this connection is that the current system leads to a fairly well known result: total breakdown and disaster. Any system not sustainable inevitably ends up in total breakdown.


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