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Thirty years with Merchants of Doubt and Climate Propaganda

Global Climate Coalition. It may sound like an environmental organization, right? With double-sided color ads, they featured in weekly magazines all over the world for many years. The Global Climate Coalition, GCC, was established in 1989, the year after the … Continue reading

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Leap into the future! Detrump!

By Sven Åke Bjørke 26 January 2018                                                        What is neo-liberalism, trumpism, and how do … Continue reading

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Climate change has happened before. So why worry?

Norsk Yes, climate has varied before – many times.  And all were caused by natural forces. Hundreds of millions of years ago, enormous, non-eruptive volcanoes emitted greenhouse gases for thousands of years. Super-volcanic eruptions caused rapid cooling and at times … Continue reading

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