In doubt?


In doubt about global warming and human-induced climate change?

Please ask yourself some questions:

1. Do you think smoke from the burning of coal, diesel or gasoline pollutes the air?

Yes …… No. ….. (If “No”, you can stop reading here)

2. There are more than two billion internal combustion engines in the world ˗ cars, trucks, trains, boats, ships, airplanes, lawn mowers, motorcycles, generators, tractors and other engines running on fossil fuels. In addition, thousands of coal, oil and gas power plants, millions of grills and oil furnaces. Do you think these devices pollute?

Yes …… No. ….. (If “No”,  you gave the wrong reply to the first question)


3a. Do you think that the over 30-40 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually emitted into the air from burning fossil fuels disappear by itself?

Yes …… No. ….. (If you say “No”, proceed!)

3b. If you are paid £ 2,000 in salary a month and spend exactly £ 2 000 a month, you have a system in balance. If you get £ 10 in interest a month, this is small in comparison. If you do not touch the interest, but let it grow (accumulate), do you think it will be any amount of importance after a few decades?

If “yes” – go ahead. If you answer “no”  you might consider taking a short course in savings and interests?

4. Thousands of research stations worldwide measure carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Do you agree that there has been a clear increase of CO2 in the atmosphere over the last 50 years?

Yes …… No. ….. (If “Yes”, proceed to the next question. If “no”, search for the “Keeling curve,” on Google)

5. Is it likely that a significant increase of greenhouse gases in the air can affect the world’s climate systems?

Yes …… No. ….. (If you say “yes”, proceed to the next question, if “no”, please explain your “null hypothesis”?)

6. Every day we burn over 90 million barrels of oil. One barrel of oil is sold for $ 35-120. We consume a corresponding amount of coal and gas.

Do you think the financial interests in fossil fuels are significant?

Yes …… No. ….. (If “No” – dream on)

7. The largest conventional oil exporters in the world are Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kuwait, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Libya, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Angola, Venezuela, Nigeria and Norway. These countries work closely with the world’s richest companies: Aramco, ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Philip Conoco, Chevron, Total, Unocal, Gazprom, Sinopec, CNOOC etc.
Do you think that these countries and companies will prioritize democracy, human rights, environment and peace rather than profit?

Yes …… No. ….. (If you say “yes,” find out more about these by Google on the internet)

8. Is it likely that the above-mentioned countries and companies use money to manipulate public opinion, the media and politicians to keep the fossil fuel industry going a few more years?

Yes …… No. ….. (If you say “yes”, proceed to next question, if “No”, go to website mentioned below)


9. Recent research shows that most of the oil and coal already found should be left to avoid catastrophic climate change. Do you think it is likely that fossil fuel industry will accept this?

Yes …… No. ….. (If you say “yes”, read a little more about Aramco, Chevron, BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil and the “seven sisters”)

10. What is more likely:

a) the United Nations, NASA, 99% of all recognized climate scientists, World Bank, and the International Energy Agency have teamed up in a big conspiracy to deceive you, or

b) that the biggest and richest companies in the world, the world’s richest 1% elite and the leaders of the corrupt oil tyrannies are willing to risk a lot to ensure their daily astronomical profits’.

(If you find option a) more likely, you can stop reading here and continue with your conspiracy theories)

11. Do you think that many people prefer clinging to irrational rationalizations, excuses, myths and stories in order to avoid  changing bad habits like smoking and dependence on fossil fuels?

Yes …… No. ….. (If “No”, ask people around you what they think)

12. Is it likely that global warming will affect weather in your country?

Yes …… No. ….. (If yes – what kind of changes in the weather will we see more of?)


13. An increasing number of commercial vessels  now choose to cross the North Pole during summer. Oil companies plan drilling for oil right up to the North Pole. Mining companies increasingly establish themselves in Greenland. Do you think this is due to a colder climate in the North?
Yes …… No. ….. (If “yes”, how do you explain that?)

14. Is it likely that a continued reliance on oil, coal and gas can damage the climate, the environment, democracy, the world’s economic systems and our children’s future?
Yes …… No. ….. (If “yes”, what are you going to do with it?)

15. Are you afraid of the future solar and sustainable society?
Yes …… No. ….. (If “no”, why not start working for it?)


16. Should decent people just leave it to the children and grandchildren to clean up the mess our generation has made?
Yes …… No. ….. (If you say “no” here, why not work actively for the transition to a responsible, sustainable society? How else could you look your grandchildren in their eyes? There are plenty of groups that will welcome you. )

For details, sources and additional information

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  2. Daniel says:

    Can you tell me where you got the figure of over two billion internal combustion engines existing in the world? I have been looking for an estimate from a trusted source, but so far failed to find one. One web, I have found claims ranging from something over one billion, to five billion.


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