Building the Future: Hotels Change Policies for Eco-Travel Initiatives

Business is going green. Here is an article on sustainable tourism.

Green Image

There are some big changes in the travel industry’s attitudes towards eco-friendly and socially aware practices. While it used to be hard to find a hotel that used recycled products or opted for solar energy, there are hundreds of hotels trying to make a difference in the way that they use energy. From an independent contractor to working as a commercial contractor, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the way that hotels describe their buildings, as many of them push towards being more “green” and environmentally friendly.

However, there are some hotel chains, which are doing more to change the minds of their guests. In addition, there are more than a few initiatives around the world to help businesses make the change over to green. Many hotels provide seminars and help for other businesses go green. The ink48 Hotel in New York City provides organic food, drinks and snacks for all guests. In addition, they provide eco-friendly materials in all of their hotel rooms as well. The hotel started a program called “Earthcare“. This program brings members and people of the community together to talk about ways that other organizations and businesses can also be sustainable and eco-conscious.

These are just some of the ways that a major hotel can affect its community and get people to talk about environmentally friendly practices. In addition to building green facilities, many businesses are taking part in the Green America initiative. The organization focuses on economic power by bringing together consumers, heads of industry, investors and businesses to talk about global change and eco-conscious policies in addition to socially aware practices.

Much of the communities in America are healthy and safe compared to the rest of the world. This is why businesses should focus a large part of their future plans on how to make the world a greener place. They can empower their customers and other business owners to make healthier decisions for their companies as well as promote fair trade between other businesses.

The hope is that businesses will become more sustainable in the United States and across the world. One of the key green initiatives for hotels is to cut down on energy waste. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort has done just that. This hotel has become a beacon of green energy and eco-friendly practices. With a recycling program, waste reuse and water conservation facility, they have focused on using solar energy and cutting down on resource usage.

Palazzo Hotel

Palazzo Hotel

Ultimately, all of these changes led to an award for the hotel. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort is now the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.” It is encouraging to see programs; initiatives and facilities continue to be built. With over 40,000,000 tourists just last year, it is especially important that new green Las Vegas hotels continue to go up. Other cities and facilities can mimic ink48 and The Palazzo in order to protect the planet for future generations.

Author of this article: Sam Marquit

Business is going green. Even if some of the Corporate Social Responsibility profiles (CSR) many companies like to garnish themselves with is just greenwashing, many do serious and good work. We cannot wait for politicians to take the lead. Those who can and will take responsibility must do it. 

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