Lake Chilwa

Lake Chilwa – can it disappear?

Lake Chilwa is a Ramsar lake in Malawi. Beautiful, with plenty of different birds, migratory species included.
Lake Chilwa is in danger. Global warming, deforestation with siltation and pollution from agriculture are parts of a lethal cocktail drying the lake.  Information about Lake Chilwa
Lake Chilwa Basin Climate Change Adaptation Programme (LCBCCAP)

Lake Chilwa in Malawi – a peaceful, idyllic place on the border between Mocambique and Malawi

As a part of the Ramsar convention, the lake has status as protected

Signpost at the entrance of Lake Chilwa

Plenty of beautiful birds at Lake Chilwa

Between one and two million people depend on Lake Chilwa for their livelihood.

Can we save this lake from drying out before it is too late?

Photos: Åke Bjørke (2011).
You are free to copy these photos for private or educational use as long as you give credit to the photographer.

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  1. Sven Haaø says:

    BVakre bilder Åke. Jeg kan imidlertidig ikke se hva jeg skriver i kommentarfeltet. Sender deg et bilde av det på mail.



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