The “Climate change deceit” conspiracy theory and global warming

During the last forty years the Arab- American carbon barons; Western multibillionaires, Russian and Middle East petro tyrants and extreme Islamists have lived high on oil profits. They invest massively in propaganda to delay political action and mislead the public.

You will probably have encountered a conspiracy theory claiming that environmentalist groups, the UN, climate researchers and politicians in most of the democratic countries of the world and a worldwide fascistoid elite with the aim of killing off most people, have joined forces in a scam to scare people enough to make them accept more taxes on petrol and coal. They have allegedly invented something called global warming, according to the  theory a pure fantasy invention claiming that CO2 accumulating in the atmosphere will increase global temperatures.  According to the conspiracy theory this invention is false, and the following claims are the most common:

  • a)  there is no accumulation of CO2.
  • b) if there is any such accumulation, it has no impact.  It is actually getting colder. There is no correlation between the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and global warming (the “skeptic’s” null hypothesis) .
  • c) if the climate is changing, it has nothing to do with human activities – it is just natural variations that would have taken place anyway. Cosmic dust, tectonic movements, volcanoes, ocean current shifts and changes in solar activity may cause climate change.  Changes in the composition of the atmosphere have no impact.
  • d) the researchers are not real scientists but corrupt politicians. There might be 50 scientists in the UN Panel of climate change. The rest are political representatives.
  • e) if they are scientists they are not honest and they don’t follow normal scientific rules
  • f) the UN, the researchers, the environmentalists and the politicians are dishonest people who are willing to do anything to make some quick dollars or increase taxes.
  • g) if this doesn’t convince everybody, the claim is that there are two roughly equal groups of scientists disagreeing on whether there is global warming or not. If there is, the debate is whether CO2 emissions and human activities have anything to do with it
  • h) oil will last forever, and is continuously produced in the core of the Earth and pressured up towards the crust, gradually refilling the oil wells
  • i) CO2 is natural and it will just be beneficial for nature to get more of it
  • j) if there is any climate change, it is due to  increasing solar activity or water vapor. Humans have no impact on the big climate systems
  • k) if there actually is global warming – we can just adapt. The climate has changed also in previous times
  • l) the world and its resources have no limits
  • m) God has given us the Earth as a gift. It is our duty to consume it.  Preserving the Earth means that you don’t appreciate God’s gifts.

Conspiracy theory sources:

(Financed by the Heartland Institute)

Climate4you  – also associated with Heartland institute

Heartland Institute:  In turn financed by Philippe Morris tobacco,  Exxon Mobile and the Koch brothers and others   |     |  Lord Monckton  |  The global warming swindle  |  Climate negotiators are like Nazis, says this helpful, industry-funded group | The Heartland “experts” |  Meet the Powerful Billionaire Family Hell Bent on Imposing Their Right-Wing Agenda and Defunding the Left  |  House Natural Resources Committee: ‘Carbon Emissions Are Good’  |  Senator Inhofe to Climate Deniers: ‘You’re Doing the Lord’s Work’  | Busted: Academics-for-Hire Exposed for Failing to Disclose Fossil Fuel Funding (Dec 2015) | Trump, Putin, and ExxonMobil team up to destroy the planet (Dec 2016)

Various reactions to these conspiracy theories:

IPCC report: sceptic groups launch global anti-science campaign  | *|  Fact free Bjørn Lomborg  | * |    Elizabeth Warren Comes Down Hard Against Global Warming, Separates Herself From Hillary Clinton On Climate Change  | * |  The Koch brothers: all the influence money can buy | * |  The Koch Brothers & Their Amazing Climate Change Denial Machine | *  | Why Growing Harassment of Scientists by Climate Change Deniers Is So Dangerous | * |  Mont Pelerin Society A Window Into Ideological Heart Of Kochtopus Climate Denial  | * |   Science and Oil Don’t Mix: Wyoming Becomes First State to Reject New U.S. Science Standards for Schools (April 2014) |*  |  New study looks at how the Agenda 21 conspiracy is poisoning public discussion about sustainability  | * |  NRDC: Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists threaten cities’ sustainability effort  | * |  How politics hijacked the fight against global warming | * |  11 Things The Koch Brothers Don’t Want You To Know, From Robert Greenwald’s Newly Updated Documentary  | * |   Is Climate Change Real? Here’s Why Some Americans Still Have Doubts  | * |  Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air  How ExxonMobil Uses Big Tobacco’s Tactics to Manufacture Uncertainty on Climate Science- | *  |  The Climate Deception Dossiers  (Union of concerned scientists July 2015) | * |  From Herro to Zero – Meet the GWPF Funder Who Just Donated to the Heartland Institute’s Paris Campaign (Nov 2015)   |  * | Lord Lawson Denier Charity Investigated After Advisor Accepts Cash from Coal Company (Dec 2015)  |  *| 21 Teens Tell Exxon and Koch Brothers: Get Out of Our Lawsuit (Dec 2015) ||  Not Just Exxon: The Entire Oil and Gas Industry Knew The Truth About Climate Change 35 Years Ago (Dec 2015)  |*| Flat Earthers Vs Climate Change Skeptics: Why Conspiracy Theorists Keep Contradicting Each Other. Conspiracy theorists have an à la carte attitude to data and trust, so what can scientists do about it? ( May  2018) |*|

Fake science, fakexperts, funny finances, free of tax  Modern anti-science was created by the tobacco industry in the 1950s and then used against climate science, often by the same well-experienced think tanks and individuals.  Tobacco anti-science is strangely entangled with climate anti-science, as the attached report shows in detail involving Fred Singer’s SEPP, Joseph Bast’s Heartland, and more. (Fakery 2  10/25/12 updates this post with more data.)

Background for another  story:

The stone age did not end for the lack of stones – but because better alternatives were found.

The fossil fuel age will end when better alternatives are available.

The fossil fuel multibillionaires; the carbon barons – big oil CEOs, the Middle East petro tyrants and extreme islamists, Russian superrich oligarchs and Chinese Communist Party oil princelings living high on the fossil fuel paradigm will do anything to postpone the inevitable paradigm shift from the fossil fuel paradigm to the paradigm of an ecologically sustainable future.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – one of the founders of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) together with World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) coordinate the writing of extensive reports on the changing climate every 6th – 7th year. The report is compiled by almost 2000 of the most respected climate researchers in the world, who all publish frequently in peer reviewed scientific journals. These reports are aggressively attacked by especially the American fossil fuel industry through their enormous propaganda apparatus with unlimited petro-dollar funding.

A bit more than a decade and some years ago, I worked as an information manager at UNEP/GRID-Arendal, and was involved in making information material to decision makers and the public about the IPCC reports on climate change.  I was quite surprised to see fancy, two page full color advertisements in the biggest international magazines claiming that everything that the IPCC said was false. Somebody in UNEP calculated the costs of all these ads to be about the same as the entire 1999 UNEP annual budget of 95 million dollars.

Somebody called ’Global Climate Coalition’ was behind the ads. I did some research on this organisation and learned that it was a PR group financed by ‘Western Fuels Association’ and more or less all oil and coal companies in Europe and the USA and US car manufacturers like General Motors among others.  That year, in 1999, BP, Shell and GM left the organisation because they had lost faith in its integrity. The CEOs of BP as well as Shell said they believed the IPCC made accurate reports, and would start investing in developing non-fossil energy sources instead.

The American oil and coal companies stayed on for some more years, before closing Global Climate Coalition and making new similar groups or simply hiring PR companies. The accusations against the UN and environmental groups were very aggressive, untrue and harsh, and I tried to find out why.

Oil rig North Sea

Oil rig North Sea

I knew from experience that if you want to become rich, neither research nor environment activism are the right places to go, so I knew the accusations had to be false. If you want to become a billionaire, research and environment simply are not your fields of interest. Fossil fuels on the other hand, may offer quite a lot of pecuniary gains.  Scientists as a rule venture into a research career because they are curious and want to search for the truth. Obviously there are exceptions, but the big majority of researchers are of high integrity.

Furthermore, the global scientific system makes it hard for dishonest research, since all scientists have to ask other scientists to take a critical look at what they are doing;  findings as well as methods, through the peer review system. A research career requires publishing findings in peer reviewed scientific journals. The scientists also have to present their work to critical audiences at international conferences. The body of scientists present at those conferences are trained in being critical, and can be quite merciless.  The international science system systematically looks for errors and ways to improve or correct the current knowledge in the academic field of research. A person claiming to be a scientist but who has failed to publish articles in international, peer reviewed scientific journals the last ten years has low credibility as researcher.

Most researchers are lecturers and professors at universities. If they get less money for research, they teach more. Research money does not go into private pockets but into projects. Research funding usually involves a lot of work, a lot of reporting and accounting, but very little personal monetary gain. If you think that people become teachers in order to become multimillionaires, you should try a teacher’s salary for some years.

If you venture into a career in oil business, you are not necessarily there because you are curious or search for the truth. You are most likely there to make money.

Powerful groups

I soon realised I had ventured into powerful groups of people I until then had not quite realised existed. I also realised that the information I found was so bizarre and scary, that it would be difficult talking about it outside the UNEP information groups without being accused of  believing in crazy conspiracies.  Read for yourself !

Anyway, when you bring in the argument that the UN, certain researchers and green lobbies may make some extra money by deceiving and scaring the world, please consider the points below:

“The deceit behind the attempts to discredit evidence of climate change reveals matters of importance. This deceit has a clear purpose: to confuse the public about the status of knowledge of global climate change, thus delaying effective action to mitigate climate change. The danger is that delay will cause tipping points to be passed, such that large climate impacts become inevitable, including the loss of all Arctic sea ice, destabilization of the West Antarctic ice sheet with disastrous sea level rise later this century, and extermination of a large fraction of animal and plant species.

Make no doubt, however, if tipping points are passed, if we, in effect, destroy Creation, passing on to our children, grandchildren, and the unborn a situation out of their control, the contrarians who work to deny and confuse will not be the principal culprits. The contrarians will be remembered as court jesters. There is no point to joust with court jesters. They will always be present. They will continue to entertain even if the Titanic begins to take on water. Their role and consequence is only as a diversion from what is important. The real deal is this: the ‘royalty’ controlling the court, the ones with the power, the ones with the ability to make a difference, with the ability to change our course, the ones who will live in infamy if we pass the tipping points, are the captains of industry, CEOs in fossil fuel companies such as EXXON/Mobil, automobile manufacturers, utilities, all of the leaders who have placed short-term profit above the fate of the planet and the well-being of our children. The court jesters are their jesters, occasionally paid for services, and more substantively supported by the captains’ disinformation campaigns.”
Dr James Hansen, director, NASA Goddard Institute

“Global warming stopped in 1998,” has become a recent mantra of those who wish to deny the reality of human-caused global warming. The continued rapid increase of the five-year running mean temperature exposes this assertion as nonsense. In reality, global temperature jumped two standard deviations above the trend line in 1998 because the “El Niño of the century” coincided with the calendar year, but there has been no lessening of the underlying warming trend. NASA – GISS 2007 report

1998 was special: high solar activity and the strongest EL Nino on record, giving unusually warm weather. If you only talk about air temperatures on the northern hemisphere, 1998 was record warm. But this is meaningless when discussing climate. Annual variation is weather. Climate is average weather over 30 years. 1994 was exceptionally cold. According to the same kind of reasoning, the warming of the world has been unusually steep upwards since then. Scientifically, this is called “cherry picking”. You just pick some marginal information that suits you, and forget about the mainstream information. This is dishonest, and any scientist doing this will instantly be discredited in scientific circles. PR companies of course, don’t worry about that.

Source: Cowtan and Way Annual temperature variations are variations in weather. Climate is average parameters over 30 years. Focusing on one year is unscientific cherry-picking

Source: Cowtan and Way
Annual temperature variations are variations in weather. Climate is average parameters over 30 years. Focusing on one year is unscientific cherry-picking

NASA: Evidence of climate change      Global climate change      NCDC: State of the global climate       Royal society: Climate change  |   National Research Council (2013) Abrupt impacts of climate change (National Academies press)  |  Methane Levels going through the Roof |

Who created the global warming “pause”?  |   Reddit’s science forum banned climate deniers. Why don’t all newspapers do the same?

Trend and variation – Climate vs weather     Connect the dots: climate change and extreme weather  |     Climate change denials is just hot air  | | The scientific consensus on climate change (AAAS) | Massive scientific consensus |  Five shots against global warming denialism  |   America’s most dangerous enemy  |  Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaire Koch Brothers   | How the Koch brothers screwed over the climate even more than you know  |   Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks (Guardian, Feb 2013)  |   The ATM for climate deniers  | 10 worst billionaires on the Forbes list  |  Zombie films and climate change  |  “The greedy, lying bastards” takes on climate change deniers and big oil  | Greedy lying bastards  |  Documenting the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Climate Deception (Union of concerned scientists July 2015)  |  The Climate Deception Dossiers  (Union of concerned scientists July 2015)  |  A Supreme Threat to American Democracy.  We’re one judge away from government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations  |

The climate of the future (?) Video

The Stern report
Former chief economist and WB senior vice president, Nicholas Stern:
Climate change constitutes the greatest market failure the world has ever seen. By mid century, CC will account for a loss of at least 5% in global growth (USD 2200 billion at current values) each year. Adding impacts on environment and health and knock-on effects, it could be as much as 20% of annual growth (around USD 9000 billion). By contrast, the cost of taking action would only be 1% of global GDP per year, enabling us to avoid entering critical threshold of average temperature increase 2 C higher than preindustrial levels. To achieve this, atmospheric CO2 equivalents must stabilise below 550 ppm. Global emissions must peak within the next 10-20 years and then fall to 25% below current level by 2050.

Climate change is a fact

All we can do now is to limit global warming. It can no longer be stopped or reversed in the present century.
Munich re

It has become fashionable in some parts of the UK media to portray the scientific evidence that has been collected about climate change and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities as an exaggeration.
The Royal Society: Climate Change: Evidence & Causes |

It is now clear that man-made greenhouse gases are causing climate change. The rate of change began as significant, has become alarming and is simply unsustainable in the long-term.
The Met Office UK –  Hadley Centre

The build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere alters the radiative balance of the atmosphere. The net effect is to warm the Earth’s surface and the lower atmosphere because greenhouse gases absorb some of the Earth’s outgoing heat radiation and reradiate it back towards the surface. The overall warming from 1850 to the end of the 20th century was equivalent to about 2.5 W/m2; CO2 contributed some 60 per cent of this figure and CH4 about 25 per cent, with N2O and halocarbons providing the remainder. The warming effect that would result from a doubling of CO2 from pre-industrial levels is estimated to be 4 W/m2.
World Meteorological Organisation

The combined global land and ocean surface temperature was the second warmest September on record, according to NCDC/NOAA  in Asheville, N.C. Based on records going back to 1880, the monthly National Climatic Data Center analysis is part of the suite of climate services NOAA provides.

See also:

Bjerknes Centre for Climate research

CICERO (University of Oslo)

Scientific consensus – Global Climate Change – NASA


The facts of the enhanced greenhouse effect and global warming

Who then, are the deniers?

The Arab-American coal & oil lobby – the world’s biggest propaganda industry, financed by:

The biggest companies in the world:   The world’s biggest companies (Forbes 2012)
The ten biggest companies (Explordir 2011)  –  almost all big oil companies

The 10 richest companies in the world 2012 |

Charles and David Koch |
The Number of Billionaires Is Growing Across the Planet, as Global Inequality Spreads

Mont Pelerin Society A Window Into Ideological Heart Of Kochtopus Climate Denial

Meet The Saudi Prince Who Finances the Murderous Egyptian Military, and Crushes Democracy in the Middle East

The 22-Year Bush War of Aggression on Iraq

Fighting for Oil? The Kuwait connection

Persian gulf war

Inbred Oil Kings & Bush League Criminals

The Bush Saudi connection

The Prince: Meet the Man Who Co-Opted Democracy in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia’s Brilliant Recipe for Dominating the Middle East

President Putin – the world’s biggest oil exporter – and dependent on oil

Hard-Nosed Advice From Veteran Lobbyist: ‘Win Ugly or Lose Pretty’ Richard Berman Energy Industry Talk Secretly Taped (NYT Nov 2014)

Halliburton – American multinational corporation and currently one of the world’s largest oil field services companies with operations in more than 80 countries. Registered in several tax havens, close ties with petro tyrants in the Middle East and Africa and found guilty of corruption in several cases

State owned Petro China; China’s biggest oil producer with more than a trillion dollars in capitalisation and Sinopec – both companies among the world’s biggest, and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. The same is the case with the gigantic China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), also among the richest companies of the world, and suspected of investing billions in tax havens in the Caribbean.

Top Two Oil Companies Earn $160,000 Per Minute, Paid Low Tax Rate 

The daily profits of the biggest oil companies  (Graphics, 2012)

ARAMCO: Arabian American Oil Company founded by ESSO (Exxon) (John D. Rockefeller) and Saudi Arabian royal family.  It is thought to be by far the world’s most valuable company  (Wikipedia) – but competes with Petro China on being the biggest, as both have a capitalisation over USD one trillion

ARAMCO home page
It is the largest oil corporation in the world with the largest proven crude oil reserves and production. Saudi Arabia exports between 7 and 12 million barrels of oil per day, year round, year after year. Currently a barrel of oil goes for between USD 100 and 130.  If you start calculating, now, you will see where the BIG money is. (100 billion USD every 100 days – and this is just for the crude oil). The global coal and gas production is of similar proportion. The scale and the profits of the fossil fuel industry are so enormous it is difficult to grasp.

If you add the oil exported from Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, Iran, Iraq etc you will arrive at quite astonishing sums of money gained per day by those who control oil. And now we just talk about crude oil. Add the extra value from refined products like petrol, kerosene, asphalt, plastic etc. In addition comes income from the financial sector in which the oil industry has invested massively.

Follow the money stupid!

When you try to find the truth in a controversial debate, one good advice is to follow the money.
Who makes money on the oil industry?

– President Putin
 Putin – a (former communist and head of the KGB) president of Russia, dictator of the FSB and probably with good connections in the Russian mafia. Cunning and ruthless. Since Russia to some extent is a non-innovative, non-productive, kleptocratic society, the Putin regime is based on the revenue from oil export. Daily income just from crude: USD 1 billion. Russia competes with Saudi Arabia on being the world’s biggest oil exporter. Take away the oil, and Putin’s empire will fall.

-The Ibn Saud family
 The world’s richest family, owning the Arab-American oil company, Aramco, the world’s richest company with more than USD one trillion in capitalisation. This regime is extreme islamist wahhabist, with the ambition to introduce a worldwide caliphate regime based on fundamental sharia laws. Islamist terrorist groups all over the world are financed from Saudi Arabia. Daily income just from crude: USD 1 billion. Saudi Arabia would be a poor desert country without oil revenue. The Saudi royal family does whatever it takes to keep the fossil fuel society going for some more years.

– Other extreme islamist regimes
 Kuwait, Qatar, the Emirates, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq all depend on selling crude oil for survival. Together with Saudi Arabia, extreme islamist regimes control more than half of the world’s conventional oil sources, and make over 5 billion USD per day just from the crude. These regimes are willing to put quite a lot of petrodollars into the fossil fuel propaganda industry.

-The Chinese Communist Party
State owned Petro China; China’s biggest oil producer with more than a trillion dollars in capitalisation, CNOOC and Sinopec – all three giant companies are among the world’s biggest, and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

– Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron, BP and about hundred other oil companies 
According to the Aramco homepage, the biggest western oil companies are partners with Aramco.
Aramco with partners combined are probably the biggest economic entity in the world.

– The Koch brothers
 American multibillionaires heavily involved in fossil fuels and financing many of the “think tanks” like Heartland inst, Cato Inst etc, in reality fossil fuel propaganda companies. The Koch brothers have their roots in the fascist organization John Birch society. They invest heavily in disinformation propaganda, and have established free “ATMs” for deniers

– Rupert Murdoch
 Media mogul and multibillionaire directing much of the world’s mass media. Closely associated with the Saudi royal family and the fossil fuel industry. 

The story climate change deniers try to tell you is that the Russian president, the Saudi wahabbi royal family, the petro tyrants of the Middle East and Africa, the associated American carbon barons; the CEOs of the world’s biggest oil companies, the Chinese Communist Party, the Koch brothers and the Murdoch family are idealists, just working tirelessly for the benefit of mankind. These kind and altruistic people would not dream of manipulating public opinion to keep their modest businesses going. They tell you that oil producers and exporters are needed for development in poor countries. Instead of investing a lot of money in unnecessary technology to fight an imaginary climate change, we should save that money and rather use it on aid to the poor in developing countries. Environmentalists and “warming hysterics” are just screaming and scaring you to accept more taxes and have no concern for the world’s poor.

The  other story – based on reality – is that these people are ruthless and corrupt. To them the only thing that counts is short-term profit. They could not care less about the world’s poor. If they have to make wars or steal the future from their own grandchildren, so be it. They willingly spend millions of dollars to pay lobbyists, PR companies and low-integrity scientists to fabricate “research” and disinformation. They know all too well that energy production can no longer be kept within their monopolies. They see decentralised alternative energy sources popping up everywhere.  They know perfectly well that climate is changing and that this can be attributed to their activities. They know the fossil fuel age is coming to an end. They are also aware that groups of governments and lawyers are planning to sue them for their reckless and unethical behaviour. In that connection they deliberately try to create as much confusion and uncertainty as possible. They are willing to do anything to keep their daily flow of petro-billions coming in for some more years. They hate the UN and anybody trying to stand up to them.

USA imports oil for USD 2 billion per day (2008)
(John McCain, US presidential candidate 2008)
The Americans try to reduce their dependency on Middle East oil by increasing their own consumption through the method called fracking. This is still problematic, since it is very harmful to the environment and pollutes huge amounts of groundwater. Due to climate change and overconsumption, large parts of the USA is now very vulnerable to freshwater scarcity. In many places they will soon have to choose between water and fracking
(30 facts about the coming water crisis).

The Carter doctrine:
President Jimmy Carter in his State of the Union Address of January 23, 1980:

  • The free flow of Persian Gulf oil is a “vital interest” of the United States,
  • USA can employ “any means necessary” to protect that interest, “including military force.”

War on terror

  • No matter how hard we try, we cannot prevail in the “war on terror” so long as we continue to ignore the oil dimensions of the conflict.
  • The Osama bin Ladens and their lieutenants understand full well that America’s presence in their backyard is driven by our addiction to Middle Eastern oil, and that so long as we do nothing to curb this addiction we will continue to embrace policies that will generate ever more recruits for al-Qaeda.
  • Only through self-discipline and the elimination of our oil dependency can we break this cycle and so win the war against terror.
    Michael T. Klare Taking Oil Out Of The Equation  September 21, 2006

The US – Saudi connection

  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt surmised that the US would become dependent on imported oil as domestic reserves were drained, and set out to establish American control over a major foreign source of supply—Saudi Arabia.
  • On February 14, 1945, he met with King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud aboard a U.S.warship in the Suez Canal and forged an oil-for-protection arrangement. USA pledged to defend the Saudi royal family in return for privileged access to Saudi petroleum reserves.
  • To carry out the terms of the 1945 Roosevelt-Ibn Saud agreement, successive American presidents deployed an ever-larger U.S.military presence in the region and helped establish both the Saudi Royal Army and the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG), responsible for internal security. The growing U.S.military presence was coupled with the growing presence of American oil companies, which helped turn Saudi Arabia into the world’s leading producer.
  • With fields in most other parts of the world in decline—the United States reached its “peak,” or maximum sustainable output in 1971—production from the Persian Gulf became increasingly essential for the smooth operation of the global economy.

Read more about the US-Saudi connections in the US bestseller
Thomas Friedman (2008): Hot, Flat and Crowded.

U.S. and Saudis in Growing Rift as Power Shifts (NYT, Nov 2013)

“The US is addicted to oil”
George W. Bush in State of the Union address January 2006

“We need greater use of wind and solar energy, expanded use of clean diesel vehicles, and accelerated research into the batteries needed for plug-in hybrid vehicles. These technologies will help us be better stewards of the environment, and they will help us confront the serious challenge of global climate change.”
George W Bush: “Twenty in Ten initiative” in State of the Union address January 2007

The production of oil levels out in 2004.  We have a maximum of another 15 years, and the production will fall.
Sadad Al Husseini, head of research, Saudi Aramco, 2000

  • Global daily oil production has been stable since 2004. Between 85 and 95 million barrels per day in spite of increasing prices.
    (The global oil production has never managed to exceed more than 97 million barrels per day.)
  • IEA prognosis: Daily demand in 2030: 116 million barrels

”After 2015 the amount of easily accessible oil cannot meet the demand”
Jeroen van der Veer, CEO, Shell,   2008


  1. When demand outstrips availability, the price will skyrocket – double or triple – in a short time unless alternative energy sources are available. (Peak oil theory. Look it up!) Possible big new findings will just postpone this scenario unless we transform our society to a sustainable one.  This is why fossil fuel companies pay only lipservice to renewables and in reality try to prevent their installation. By extreme lobbying for massive subsidies worldwide, the oil industry has managed to temporarily overproduce oil, causing prices for fossil fuels to drop. Their hope is that with less investments for a period, there will suddenly be a shortage and the prices will jump up again dramatically.
  2. Those who will profit more than anybody in history will be those who control the largest remaining conventional oil reserves: Saudi Arabia and its partners: Aramco and the multibillionaire CEOs in the US oil cartel headed by Exxon Mobil, Unocal, Shell, BP, Chevron, Halliburton etc and of course the Putin regime controlling Gazprom and other Russian oil companies. In addition comes the corrupt Chinese princelings of the Chinese Communist Party, controlling the big Chinese oil companies.
  3. The fossil fuel industries will be able to invest in ever more unethical methods to get the remaining fossil carbon sources – and further exploit our addiction to oil, coal and gas 6 Scary Extreme Energy Sources Being Tapped to Fuel the Post Peak Oil Economy  (Alternet April 2012)   |  Eyeless Shrimp and Fish With Tumors: The Horrific Consequences of BP’s Spill
  4. The carbon barons will invest even more massively to lobby the world’s politicians to keep giving the billions in subsidies. Without subsidies  the new, marginal, non-conventional fossil fuel sources will be too expensive to compete with renewable energy. Especially with the subsidies transferred to renewable forms of energy combined with carbon taxes at the source. The fossil fuel era will be over when the subsidies are removed. “Fossil fuels remain dominant in the global energy mix, supported by subsidies that amounted to $523 billion in 2011, up almost 30% on 2010 and six times more than subsidies to renewables” IEA (2012) World energy outlookA recent projection places the total value of conventional global fossil fuel subsidies between $775 billion and more than $1 trillion in 2012, depending on which supports are included in the calculation. In contrast, total subsidies for renewable energy stood at $66 billion in 2010” World Watch institute: Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy Subsidies on the Rise   The International Monetary Fund is deeply worried about the fossil fuel subsidies: Energy subsidy reform  |  IMF Rejects Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Calls for Reform
  5. According to presidential candidate John McCain the US alone imported oil for USD 2 billion per day in 2008, to a large part from the Middle East. Similar amounts of money come from Europe, Asia and Africa. The USA seems to be able to reduce their import needs for some time. The flow of capital from elsewhere to the Middle East remains with the fossil fuel paradigm.
  6. The Arab-American fossil fuel lobby in Washington now has 3-4 lobbyists per congress representative in Washington, doing their best to prevent development of non-fossil fuel energy sources and producing propaganda and disinformation against UN and IPCC and attacking anybody arguing for measures for reducing the use of fossil fuels.”An Army of Lobbyists Readies for Battle on the Climate Bill” – Yale
    The nine most loathsome lobbyists in Washington (The Progressive, July 2012)
    Environment 360, 16 March 2009“The Climate Change Lobbyist Explosion” – The Center for Public
    Integrity, Climate Change Investigation“Lobbyists Flock to the Climate Issue” – N Y T, February 2009“$199.5 Million Spent On Energy Ads Since Obama’s Inauguration” – The Wonk Room, Think Progress, April 15 2009
  7. Any delay in transforming the world society from fossil fuel to ’green’ energy will mean fairytale profits to the oil cartels and Aramco.
    Profiting from catastrophe: If fossil fuel companies burn all their reserves we’re undeniably screwed Here are the facts: The business models at the center of our economy are in the deepest possible conflict with physics and chemistry. (Bill Mc Kibben in Alternet, February 2012) The fossil fuel industry propaganda machine has in fact paralysed our decision makers, disinformed and confused the public and prevented us from developing alternative energy sources for the last 40 years. We shall all have to pay for this in rapidly rising energy prices, a deteriorating climate and environment and enormous amounts of money to non-democratic states and their associated multinational companies. High oil prices to stay – and break the bank and the planet (Alternet March 2012)   |   The terrarists -How to Make Staggering Amounts of Money and Ruin the Planet
  8. The human world now uses energy corresponding to 10 million barrels of oil per hour every day, 24 hours per day, year after year. Most of this energy comes from coal, oil and gas ( a small part coming from nuclear and hydropower). It is incredibly naïve to think this will not have ecological impact.
  9. Muslim extremists (wahabists and salafists (google!) hope to recreate the climate of Holocene maximum, 3000-8000 years ago, when huge parts of the American prairie was a desert, southern Africa dry, but northern Sahara and Saudi Arabia were green, with rainfall three times higher than today. The average temperature in the Northern hemisphere was then almost 1° C higher than today.
  10. The West’s ’war on terror’ will be very difficult to win as long as the Saudi / Yemen organisation  Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations are financed by oil money from the West. Wahabist jihadists backed by unlimited petro-dollars are invading the muslim world and Europe, terrorising ordinary peaceful muslims, at times even luring them into fundamentalism and violence. Muslims all over complain about ‘arabification of islam’ or the ‘surge of the beduin islam’ or “petro-islam” making life violent and difficult. The Taliban was established, equipped and trained by the CIA and the Pakistan government in the 1980s to develop a fanatic and violent force against the Soviet union. Some still think it was worth it. The women in the area probably think otherwise.
  11. The Arab-American fossil fuel lobby deliberately plant and distribute misleading information world wide to delay effective measures against global warming and the inevitable transformation to a non-fossil fuel society. Agents for these interests and ‘useful idiots’ manipulated to serve these interests operate worldwide. They speculate in that most people don’t understand scientific methods, and bring e.g. small talk and e-mail exchange between scientists – even if they are not subject experts – to the forefront giving the impression they are climate research experts. They ‘forget’ to mention the difference between these kinds of documents and scientific articles published in peer reviewed international publications. Any document attached to an email from the fossil fuel lobby is apparently deemed ‘valid science’, while peer reviewed articles in serious science journals are characterised as scam or junk science
    Exposed: Leak of Documents Shows How Leading Libertarian Think Tank Is Working to Undermine Climate Science  |    Heartland Expert Taught ‘Biased’ Climate Science Course at Canadian University    |   The Koch brothers exposed (Rolling stone April 2012)  |  The terrarists -How to Make Staggering Amounts of Money and Ruin the Planet
    There will always be scientists who are willing to prostitute themselves when the payment is high enough. The richest people in the world are those who addict people, then harm them and kill them. The big fossil fuel industry and the big tobacco industry have always cooperated well. The fossil fuel industry use the same propaganda tricks as the big tobacco used some decades ago.  |  Conservative Activists Rebel Against Fox News: Saudi Ownership Is ‘Really Dangerous For America’  |  Saudis own Fox news  | Should Middle East Funds Own U.S. Banks? |    Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air  How ExxonMobil Uses Big Tobacco’s Tactics to Manufacture Uncertainty on Climate Science- ||  The Climate Deception Dossiers (Union of concerned scientists July 2015) ||
  12. The ideology of the Wahabi rulers of Saudi Arabia is basically identical to that of Al Qaeda. Their ideology is extremely patriarchal, where women shall be non-persons or faceless objects  in public areas. Similarly to extreme, fundamentalist christians they argue that natural resources are god-given and must be consumed as quickly as possible.  Some religious zealots are looking forward to Doomsday or Armageddon, and actively oppose those who work for a better world, seeing nature and environment as evil. The big religions need to revise their power structures and ideologies from the bottom up to avoid sinking deeper into quagmires of irrelevance, violence, hypocrisy, female and child molestation, doomsday porn, trafficking and corruption. (Pope’s war  |  Vatican bank  |  Evangelicals for corpocracy | Theocracy in the US?  |  Opus Dei – and neofascism  |  Vatican bank and organised crime  |  How the religious right fuels climate change denial |  With millions in assets and hundreds of attorneys, the religious right wages war  |  Pope Francis, the CIA and the ‘Death Squads’  | Pope Francis and the new inquisition | Interestingly enough, Pope Francis might try to change things: Pope Francis: Money is the Root of All Evil   |    Kissinger and Pinochet  |  The disappeared in Argentina  |   The daily profits of the biggest oil companies  |  Arab American Oil Company)
    If you listen carefully to their prayers, it goes something like this:
  13. Our holy God who art in the ground. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come into air and sea. Give us today our daily oil. Lead us not into the temptation of seeking the truth. Deliver us from alternative energy sources. Protect the flow of petrodollars to Aramco, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Gazprom, Sinopec, BP, Shell, the Koch brothers and petro-tyrants everywhere. Keep the women down and the environmentalists away. Inspire the petro-lobby and their think-tanks. Give them strength and continue the flow of petrodollars needed to deceive, focus on marginal issues and confuse for more years to come. For thine is the glory of the multibillionaires; the power of greed, destruction of life, drilling, piping and fracking everywhere forever and ever.
  14. Maybe honest christians should focus more on the book of Amos and the Sermon of the mount rather than on the Apocalypse and the story of Abraham? Maybe all religious people should rather focus on compassion, care for the creation, beauty and peace? It seems many christians, jews and muslims in fact have been duped to worship Mammon, Molok, Baal and Lucifer rather than those they claim to worship. Please prove me wrong!
  15. Aramco owns substantial parts of the American oil cartel (Exxon, Chevron, Gulf, Mobil etc). Where else would they invest their vast amounts of petro-dollars? These companies in turn own substantial parts of and cooperate closely with the financial sector, the armament industry, the tobacco and sugar industry.   Conservative Activists Rebel Against Fox News: Saudi Ownership Is ‘Really Dangerous For America’  |  Saudis own Fox news  |  Should Middle East Funds Own U.S. Banks? |Over to renewables – now!.blank
  16. If you look up the old triangle trade starting up in the 17th century, you will find the trading family dynasties established then still being in operation now. What was the triangle trade again? – Companies produced guns in England, Netherlands and New York (Originally New Amsterdam). Guns were shipped from Europe to Africa to corrupt West African leaders: one slave for one gun, a bottle of alcohol and maybe some beads. Remember – it was corrupted black leaders who went inland in Africa to hunt for slaves. The whites just waited on their ships or in their forts on the beaches. Slaves were shipped to the West Indies, Brazil, Caribbean islands and the USA to produce sugar (80%) tobacco and cotton. Huge fortunes were hidden away in the handily erected tax havens and offshore trust funds to avoid any public scrutiny (e.g. Cayman island). ||   Are Oil Companies 21st Century Slaveowners? || Yes Son, The Civil War Really Was About Slavery ||   Leif Wenar: Oil: Power, Conflict and Trade in a Natural Resource  ||
    The entrance to the male slave dungeons, Fort Elmira, Ghana. Tens of thousand of people were caught, bought and sold as slaves from the

    The entrance to the male slave dungeons, Fort Elmina, Ghana. Tens of thousand of people were caught, bought and sold as slaves from the “slave coast” annually  for over 200 years (Photo: Å. Bjørke)


  17. The multinational companies attacking the UN, accusing the UN of all kinds of nasty things, and paying the same PR firms for doing this are from:
    • Multinational oil and coal companies
    • Multinational tobacco and sugar industry
    • Armament industry
    • trafficking industry
    • Narcotic drugs industry  (If you think this is new, google up ‘the opium war’ that the UK waged against China in the mid 1800 hundreds. The losing Chinese mandarins swore revenge and established the Chinese mafia; the ‘triads’ as one outcome.)
  18. These companies are assisted by the biggest banks in the world to whitewash transactions and hide most of their profits in “tax havens”.   Global elite hiding up to USD 32 trillion in offshore accounts  |  6 things you should know about the USD 21 trillion the world’s richest people are hiding in tax

Ever wondered why NATO – the military super-super power does not win in Afghanistan?

I leave it to you to choose which conspiracy theory you believe more likely, and where you are likely to find the most money.

Anyway – as you probably realise – there are a lot of documents around that are not reliable. Be critical. Find out who is behind and whose interests they represent

The greenhouse effect and climate change lecture

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