A Greener Future – an interactive e-book

The e-book “A greener future”  introduces the reader or course participants to the main relevant aspects of global warming, climate change,  green economy and sustainable development.


The e-book can be read as an interactive course-book for an individual. It can be used as an online learning resource by students and teachers at any level in secondary schools and at tertiary levels of education.

It can be used as a course-book for group meetings in ordinary classrooms or as a learning resource in a MOOC-style course.

It is a main idea that this e-book can be used as a learning resource in a “flip-the-classroom” approach, where students go through a page or a chapter at home, and then discuss the issues in the classroom.

The e-book can be displayed on PCs, laptops, I-pads and modern mobile phones.

The main topics are global warming, climate change, depletion of ecosystems and impacts on the environment, our way of living,  the economy and the possibilites for a more sustainable development.

The e-book combines natural science, social science, economics, technology and law, giving a holistic perspective on some of the major current problems our societies are facing.

The introductory texts to each topic are “generic”, in the sense that the content is valid and reliable everywhere, supported by several authoritative sources. The text can be read as a cohesive narrative, or each page independently.

The texts are as a rule non-academic, basic information “in a nutshell”, giving the minimum necessary for taking part in a discussion. Every page offers additional reading, movies, quizzes, learning activities and lectures for those who want to learn more.

The e-book is a creative commons project. Universities, schools, NGOs and environmental organisations are free to copy it.  Just write to me, tell me who you are, and I can export the entire site via WordPress to your site.  Then you can add your own head banner, adapt the Home page, translate the pages to your own language, add new pages in the structure and adapt it to your local needs.  Just add your own name on the title page.

Contact: sven.a.bjorke at uia.no


Table of Content (ToC)

Chapter 1 1     The natural greenhouse effect
1.1 The science of the natural Greenhouse effect
1.2  The Greenhouse Gases  (GHG)
1.3  What causes climate change?
1.4  Greenhouse effect on other Planets?
1.5  Weather or Climate?
1.6  Climates have always changed
Chapter 2  2 Global Warming
2.1 Authoritative sources
2.2 The Sun?
2.3 Volcanoes?
2.4 Winter is cold?
2.5 Mitigation and adaptation
Chapter 3 3. Impacts
3.1 More water vapor
3.2 Sea level rise
3.3 Polar sea ice
3.4 Air pollution
3.5 Acidification
3.6 Health
3.7 Extreme weather
3.8 Economy
3.9 Refugees and conflicts
3.10 Glaciers
3.11 Tipping points
3.12 Biodiversity
3.13 Freshwater
Chapter 4 4. Ecosystems
4.1 Ecosystems and energy flow
4.2 Forests
4.3 Agricultural land
Chapter 5 Green economy
5.1 Green economy games
5.2 Throughput / value adding chain
5.3 The eco economy
5.4 Towards a green economy
Chapter 6 6. Greener future?
6.1 Green technology
6.1.1 Solar
6.1.2 Wind
6.1.3 Renewable energy
6.1.4 Energy storage
6.1.5 Geo-engineering
6.2 Ecological footprint
6.3 Greener law?
6.4 Greener business?
6.5 Greener architecture?
6.6 Greener tourism
About  (the course-book, copyrights, authors )


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